Ways to Keep your Privacy in a Balcony

An apartment has no specific space to enjoy small reunions with friends and relatives out in the open, but if you are lucky enough to have a balcony, you will have an extra space with natural light. However, there is a downside because it does not grant you any privacy. It is not a good idea to shut this space down with some walls and a small window since it will interfere with the flow of air.
There are several ways to enjoy a balcony and to have some privacy while you are at it, and Construcciones Yamaro gives you some ideas to do so:

1. - Bamboo blinds: Bamboo is an ecofriendly element so is excellent for the environment, which is ideal to give a natural touch to this area. Bamboo blinds are easy to set because this is a light and flexible material. It will give you privacy and it will create a barrier to block sunrays, thus giving freshness to the rooms.

2. - Plants: They are a great idea if you privacy for your balcony. If you use several plants, you will have a calm and cozy place. Plants absorb the CO2 released into the environment and then releases oxygen, this creates a space with clean and fresh air; likewise, you can use vines to give a more natural touch.

3. - Curtains: Using curtains is also a useful alternative to give privacy to any balcony.    Just make sure the fabric is soft that allows the passage of light so you do not have a very dark space. It also has an advantage to change the decoration.

4. - ScreensScreens are excellent options since you can located them according to what you want. They can be decored with plants so your spaces are green. Screens can be made from various materials, the ones made from wood give a warn sensation to any home.

5. - Sliding windows: They give a lot of privacy while they limit the open air. You can keep the windows and have some curtains to have some intimacy without giving up the contact with nature.
These options can let enjoy being out at the open without having the indiscreet look of the neighbors.

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