Armando Iachini: What roof should my house have?

When choosing what roof to use for our houses, we must consider different elements like the type of material, the weather conditions of the area, the durability, the aesthetic, the resistance, and heat insulation. We have to take this precaution since it is what will keep our houses protected. There are a various materials to create roof, in Construcciones Yamaro we will tell you about them:

1. - Metallic roofs: These are the most common, and they are created with galvanized steel with a coverage of a zinc and aluminum alloy. It has great durability, energetic efficiency, it is easy to install, and offers a great resistance to fire. Nowadays, you can find various designs with shapes that resemble traditional tiles while some others with shapes like panels; these have the disadvantage of not being able to resist strong winds.

2.- Concrete roofs: Created with a mixture of concrete and reinforcement fibers that can be adapted to any shape during the formwork, it has some advantages like reducing the noise, isolating the heat, reducing the internal heat, is not an electricity conductor, easily adaptable to any surface and weather, besides granting beauty to the construction. 

3. - Wooden roofs: Wood gives warm and comfort to any space. A wooden roof is safe and has a great consistency, which is perfect for big size lamps, you only need to use a protection layer on the outside so it withstand the weather conditions, and an inner protection layer to protect it against plagues.

4.- Tile roofs: Tiles are a lasting material and requires little maintenance. They can be from concrete and natural clay. Concrete tiles can last up to 50 years, and those from natural clay can last for centuries, and they are very resistant to humidity, wind, and rain.

5. - Translucent roofs: If you are bold and like innovation, a translucent roof is ideal for your house. These roofs can be made from glass, plastic, acrylic or polycarbonate, and they allow sunrays to penetrate the house. They are easy to install but require special care when is time to install them. 

6. - Green roofs: If you are a nature lover and want an ecological and sustainable place, green roofs are you. They consist of a vegetable cover on top of your house that give you the following benefits: heat isolation so your house is fresh and nice, reduction of dust level and smog, cultivation of plants, and beauties the area.

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