Armando Iachini: The Properties of Steel

Constructions demand materials that resist every climate condition so buildings are safe, among those material we can find steel. Iron was the first metal used as the structure for sustainable constructions, alongside its different forms. At first, it was used as part of a melted element, and little by little, tubular cylinders were introduced to grant beauty and elegance to the current metallic structures.  


Steel is one of the main material used in modern architecture and in constructions of great importance. Construcciones Yamaro points some advantages this material has that makes it so important:
1. - Homogeneity: Steel is a material that does not deforms or alters its physical or mechanical properties with time.
2. - High Ductility: The ductility is a property, which allows a material to resist and tolerate alterations that cause tensions. Steel possesses a great flexibility, elasticity, and is malleable; thus making it a very useful material for anti-seismic constructions.  
3. - Efficiency: Steel allows taller edifications, and its small dimensions, when compared to concrete, allow more uses of the spaces.
4. - It Eases Modifications: Constructions with steel ease the integration of new structures without any deformity and, if the structures are ready, the steel will work as a reinforcement to resist additional weight.
5. - Great Resistance: Steel is highly resistant and does not require a heavy structure, which is ideal for edifications of great height.

6. - Durability: Steel is resistant and, with the adequate maintenance, the constructions elaborated with this material can last for a very long time.
7. - Low Cost: Steel structures are usually lighter than other structures with other material. This lowers the costs of cement; moreover, the metallic structure can be prepared somewhere else, so the elements arrived already built, and they take less time to be ready.
8. - Reusable: When a construction with a metallic structure is overdue, it can be dismantled and used in some other projects.
9. - Uniformity: The properties of the steel do not alter nor do they change due to the location of the construction or with the passing of time. They can last for a long time.  
10. - Fast Assemble: The properties of the steel enable a better handling. That is why constructions with steel are ready in a short time, contrary to those with concrete.  

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