Monday, July 15, 2019

Armando Iachini: storage furniture for small spaces

Do you have very little space in your home and you find it hard to store things? This happens very often, as we tend to think that to organize all our products at home we need a large storage space, when in fact what we need is to optimize every corner of our home and Armando Iachini explains how.

On this article Constructions Yamaro offers us the best furniture storage, practical for small households:

Shelving Rack dropdown

As already mentioned before, these racking are the most functional for small spaces because they offer lots of storage capacity without getting unnecessarily in the way a room is distributed space wise, the best of these shelves is that they come in different sizes and lengths for various uses. Such as closets, pantry, support for TV, desks and many other uses. So while serving a purpose like supporting your TV, it also functions as storage, the same goes with desks and computers. What we are looking for is for furniture that allows us to be the most efficient as possible since the space is a finite resource. We have to be very conscious in the way we assign these purposes to our furniture.

Folding desks

These are currently in trend for Small spaces, because they are a form of collapsible shelves that can be arranged along a wall to have your own studio, working corner or desktop computer. All you need is to fix them at a well chosen spot and it is all set to go..

Recessed and pullout beds

These are an excellent choice for small rooms, because you have plenty of storage space for your blankets, blankets and even clothes with the drawers that are integrated into folding beds and even some bring an extra mattress, for if you ever need to accommodate a guest.

Vertical shelves

The better we take advantage of the length of the space, the more amplitude will be in it and of course less clutter will be in it. So opt for the traditional hollow vertical shelves are an excellent choice for storage. They also may have the additional function of dividing spaces without removing natural light.

Storage under the stairs

The bottom of the stairs is usually a surplus place which can be adapted to store small things such as blankets, cleaning products and toilet, umbrella or Christmas decorations. You can even ask them to open the top drawer of the steps to have more storage options. And who knows, you might even follow the example of Harr Potter and accommodate a room in there, just make sure to follow this article’s tips to maximize the space, since it is already pretty small.


These can serve as cloakrooms, library shelves, racks or cabinets kitchens rooms because the empty space that is left between the rooms is used. The idea is to place small gaps, hanging tubes or sliding doors, that way you can have everything organized without interrupting your small space.
Do not forget to always have with you a small ladder to reach high places and do not fear to take every millimeter of your cozy little home.